Guide how to raise cattle in 15 steps

Fifteen [15] Steps: How to Raise Cattle

Here is the fifteen [15] designed steps to raise cattle easily wrote by one of famous Cambodian cattle raisers. There is more than one way to raise cattle, that is something that everyone, beginner and veteran cattlemen alike can agree with. How cattle are raised not only depends on the individual raising them, but the breed, class and type of cattle in concern. For instance, beef cows are raised differently from dairy cows: beef cows are raised to live with minimal management and raise a calf that, in 95% of all cases are sold for beef, and dairy cows are raised to give milk, but not raise a calf. As far as beef cattle are concerned, there are far more variations as how these type of cattle are raised than with dairy cattle. As such, this article will only focus on the general aspects of raising cattle, only briefly touching base with both beef and dairy production practices. Thus please do not take this article as a specific how-to, but as a means to understand what is expected and involved in raising cattle.