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His Childhoods

Vichetr learned the value of silence and listening at a very young age. His life often depended on it. Not only his, but that of the entire village. When asked about his favourite childhood memories, he draws a blank. Growing up in war time he has many scars, memories he wishes were never created. Entitled to be bitter about a lost childhood and the loss of his father at a young age, Vichetr asked his mother when he turned 5, “is it time I leave you now to join the monks and continue my journey?” Aghast, his mother replied, “Vichetr you don’t have to become a monk to achieve greatness”. And so it was set, this young boy knew his destiny.

His Endeavour

A father of two young boys and a beautiful little girl, he graduated from University thanks to the support and encouragement of his Australian foster brother, Kent. The degree in his pocket represented opportunity, to achieve more for himself and his family, but the words of his mother continue to guide him. He established a foundation, dedicated to bringing smiles and hope to children just like himself, to help build a safer and more prosperous Cambodia, to dare to dream that one day his journey will be a success. Humble, polite, dedicated, passionate, loving, accepting and generous start to describe this man, but the truth can be found in words he recently said to me, “I only seek for a smile on a child’s face, to know they are safe and can live happily”.

His Competency

Vichetr has worked in various International NGOs for almost a decade, the most prominent being Church World Service.

Vichetr’s work have been well documented and recognized by numerous international organizations due to its widespread and effective reach in the vulnerable and poor communities in Cambodia.Vichetr was chosen as a young leader to represent Cambodia in the Asia 21 Young Leaders Summit 2010.

Vichetr is passionate about putting an end to the human trafficking of the vulnerable in Cambodia, starting from the poorest province, Kampong Speu. His philosophy is that in order to stop trafficking, SSF must improve the livelihoods of the poorest in the community, thus removing any potential opportunity for the traffickers. He believes any organization must work with families on a long-term basis and utilize the strengths they have already acquired in their lifetime to give them the basis to be self-sustaining. This involves nursing existing talents, such as baking or farming, and turning them into fledgling businesses that will provide income and security for their families. Read more on what SSF does here…

As the Executive Director of SSF, Vichetr is responsible for the overall day to day operation of the Foundation as well as its strategic direction and funding. He also always makes time to hang out with the kids too. Beside of helping others in the greatest need, he began some other social businesses as recommended by SSF evaluation in 2017 also.  Read more about what he does here…

"His philosophy is that in order to stop trafficking, his founded foundation (SSF) must improve the livelihoods of the poorest in the community, thus removing any potential opportunity for the traffickers."

Uon Vichetr