Rumduol Smart EcoCity

Affordable housing and commercial office development are not able to accommodate the increased demand and need of the middle -class citizens that is growing. The Rumduol North and South Smart Eco City Development Plan.

Rumduol North Development consists of 16.82 hectares of development land with 10.8 hectares is divided into 3 residential development:- 

1)Frangipani – Zero Lot Bungalow & Semi-D residential development – 2.54 hectares

2)Crossandra – Terrace House residential development – 4.53 hectares

3)Buttercups – Terraced House residential development. – 3.73 hectares

The rest of 6.02 Hectares of the land is allocated for commercial development consisting of Office Tower to support corporate offices for business in the region, Hospital/Medical Center to provide top medical care of the community and a commercial area with shop lots and F&B Centre to provide the needs of the community.

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Rumduol South Development is consist of 33.1 Hectare of development land with 18.3 hectares is divided into 4 residential development:- 

1)Saffron – Zero Lot Bungalow & Semi-D residential development – 6.25 hectares

2)Daffodils – Condominium residential development – 3.80 hectares

3)Jasmine – Terraced House residential development – 2.70 hectares

4)Daisy – Terraced House residential development – 5.80 hectares

11.05 hectares are allocated for Commercial Development which includes two blocks of 4 stories Central Market and a cultural Central, a semi-circular building consisting of a Shopping centre with a service apartment on top and a hotel with an event hall in the middle.

4.85 hectares of land is allocated to develop a Lake Garden with a 400m jogging track, with Brands Outlet and restaurants as well as a 25 stories Condominium that overlooks the lake and the whole development.

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Investment Proposal (Step and Expectation from Investor & Investment Options)

Investment Step

1.Investor  review the Brief and decide if were to invest into the project.

2.Investor to issue an LOI to ADEANG Development Ltd (ADEANG) to shown an interest to JV with ADEANG to Develop the Projects.

3.Investor will also show Proof of Funds in a form of letter from their bank stating that they have the fund required USD 150 Million for north Development and/or USD 460 Million for South Development.

4.Upon receiving the proof of fund, ADEANG will then secure the land and submit the project proposal to CDC for approval and secure the Registration Certificate from CDC to certify the project as Qualified Investment Project or QIP.

5.Once ADEANG secure the QIP, Investor will then sign the JV agreement with ADEANG to form a new JV Company that will Develop the project.

6.ADEANG will purchase the land under ADEANG LAND and Lease the Land to the new JV Company for X Year for the development of the project.  When the Development is completed, the land title will be transferred to the end buyer of the property (if they are cambodian) by ADEANG on a separate agreement . If the Buyer is non Cambodian, then the Leasing of the 100 years will still apply (especially for the Commercial Development)

Note: If investor would like to have proxy (a cambodian) to undertake the share holding in ADEANG LAND, Investor can hold up to 80% of the shareholding and 100% of the Management control. Contact Vichetr @ vichetruon[@] for more information.